Type 3 Arena Leveller RFB
Type 3 Arena Leveller RFBType 3 Arena Leveller RFBType 3 Arena Leveller RFBType 3 Arena Leveller RFB

Type 3 Tractor Mounted Leveller (TPL, BALL & PIN)

The Arenamate™ type 3 can be used with quad, gator tractor and 4WD's. It is specifically designed for use on all fibre, synthetic and heavily waxed surfaces. It has 5 rows of agricultural grades 'S' tines, to allow more bulky fibrous materials to be worked in. Twin split rollers / compactors are used, as just one roller will leave scuff marks as you turn.

Twin rollers front and back, four in total. Can be used with ball hitch, pin hitch and three point linkage.

*New Addition* – this product can now be supplied with both towed and three point linkage on one machine.

£1645 (1.5m) RFB
£1800 (1.8m) RFB
£2075 (2.1m) RFB
£2600 (2.4m) RFB
£3100 (3.0m) RFB

Exclusive of VAT but DOES include delivery, demo and set-up


Made and Manufactured in the UK. Good Old Fashioned British Service!

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Product Description

GG Engineering’s Type 3 Tractor Mounted Arena Leveller comes in many variations, the most popular being the 1.5m and 1.8m, with twin compact rollers set at the rear, being pulled by quad, gator, tractor or 4×4.

The Arenamate Type 3 Arena Leveller comes in several sizes:

1.5m, 1.8m, 2.1m and 2.4m

The tractor mounted version is dependant on the width of the tractor and your preference. These menage graders have roller sets at the front and rear, to enable accurate setting of tine depth. The Type 3 is suitable for all synthetic surfaces.

  • Twin independent rollers
  • High grade steel
  • Precision engineered
  • Infinite height adjustment
  • Ball, pin, TPL
  • Female friendly


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