Type 2 Arena Leveller

Type 2 Arena Leveller

Does your aren have long thin rubber strips? If so, then read on…
The Arenamate™ Type 2 can be used with quad, gator, TPL, mower, 4WD or tractor. This is a purpose built grader for strip rubber only, designed to allow material to collect in the blades where it is deep. It deposits material where there is little rubber, leaving that flat levelled finish you are after (hence the design of several individual blades). This is important, as it allows the flow of material using a solid bladed machine, as a simple tined machine will cause the rubber to ball and jam up.


Exclusive of VAT but DOES include delivery, demo and set-up


Made and Manufactured in the UK. Good Old Fashioned British Service!

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Product Description

Where you track your horse, the hooves brake through the rubber and this causes the divots in the sand. This is where our purpose built machine excels. The blades will pull the excess sand back into divots leaving a professionally levelled surface every time.

As with all our products, moving handling and setting up is important, so our products are not only designed to professionally level your arena and they are female friendly

  • 10 blades
  • Levelling bar
  • High grade steel
  • Infinite height adjustment
  • Ball, pin, TPL
  • Female friendly


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