quad bike security device
quad bike security devicequad bike security solutionquad bike security solution

Arenamate™ Quad Safe

Have you bought a quad? Do you require a quad bike security device? Then you need a Quad Safe! Like no other product on market, the quad safe is big, solid and means business. Quads are renowned for being stolen; a loud alarm and cctv would be handy. Until now, the current products on the market have a limited success rate. The quad safe has been designed with thieves in mind, providing a robust solution to quad security.

Just one look at the Quad Safe is enough to put thieves off. Built with high quality tough steel and two heavy duty security locks, it really is the business.


Exclusive of VAT but DOES include delivery, demo and set-up

Made and Manufactured in the UK. Good Old Fashioned British Service!

Product Description

No more small locks that cover one wheel, or chains that can be cut quite easily. You want something that truly does mean business. For the same price as the smaller, more weaker products out there, you can have your own Quad Safe.

The Quad Safe has been designed with this in mind. Not only is it strengthened there are two heavy duty van locks holding the bar together. The process of breaking into just one part of the Quad Safe would cause a considerable amount of noise and effort, causing thieves to think twice. Leaving your Quad where it should be.


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