Crossover Leveller & Grass Harrow
Crossover Leveller & Grass HarrowCrossover Leveller & Grass HarrowCrossover Leveller & Grass Harrow

Arenamate Cross Over

The Arenamate™ Cross Over is a brand new totally unique one of a kind product. It incorporates a Type 1 Leveller and a Grass Harrow in one machine so easy to store and use. The only product on the market that can tackle both arenas and paddocks efficiently and effectively.

£1550 (2.0 m)

Exclusive of VAT but DOES include delivery, demo and set-up


Made and Manufactured in the UK. Good Old Fashioned British Service!

Product Description

Spring tines will remove thatch and moss far superior to chain harrows, excellent for heavily poached gateways and paddock when set in aggressive mode. Very manoeuvrable, towable from field to arena. For the arena, the Arenamate™ Cross Over has self-levelling control blades which will bring in material from kick boards and put back into track. It will also find high areas and deposit into low areas, so a completely table top arena is easily achieved.

  • 5 rows of spring tines
  • 2 row of finger tines
  • High grade steel
  • Precision engineered
  • Infinite height adjustment
  • Ball, pin, TPL
  • Female friendly


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