Menage Levellers & Equestrian Arena Equipment

Menage levellers and arena equipment, manufactured and demonstrated throughout the UK. Manufactured from the highest quality materials and delivered ready to use and fully assembled.

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Arenamate™ Menage Levellers And Superbly Engineered Equestrian Arena Equipment

Arenamate™ provide precision agricultural equipment throughout the equestrian, agricultural and small-holder industries, with over 40 years of experience that shows both in the quality of our products and our customer support.

All prices are exclusive of VAT, but include delivery, demonstration and set-up. All our products are guaranteed for two years.

Made And Manufactured In The UK. Good Old Fashioned British Service!

Menage Levellers For Every Surface Type

With five menage levellers to suit every possible surface type and situation, and available in many different sizes and configurations per model, we recognise the importance of surface preparation for your menage arena.

Our menage levellers are the perfect solutions for maintaining an even, finely graded surface.

Suitable for surfaces of most types and towable by a wide range of vehicles, our levellers are professionally built equestrian arena equipment, made from the finest materials and crafted by experienced engineers, here in the UK.

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Manufactured By Experts, Designed For You

Extremely easy to use and maintain, our menage and arena levellers can be towed by most vehicles, from quad bikes and ride on mowers, to tractors.

We are here for every step of your equestrian adventure, offering exemplary customer service and product satisfaction across the board and the very best advice available.

  • Precision engineered for long life and durability
  • Full demonstration on delivery, to your satisfaction
  • Specialist arena levellers for every surface imaginable
  • Unique solutions for small-holders and agriculture

Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. For the fab service, great demo, and wonderful grader. Even in Windy West Wales and after 6 years of fighting with the level on my school it only took 2 sessions (1 the demo ) to sort the surface out. This has saved me so many hours a week I'm scared to try and work out how many it will save me over a month or year. What a FAB bit of kit !!!


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We are the only manufacturer of menage graders and arena levellers that demonstrates our products and delivers full assembled.

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